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Loneliest Little Club in Alexandria

September 10, 2006

After my first week of classes, I decided to go with my roommates on a trip to Alexandria. On Thursday, we met her survival Arabic teacher and her friends in front of the Greek campus and two very crowded cars later, we were on our way to “Alex”.

That night, I found myself disgusted by the apartment we were staying in (the bathroom, especially, defied any attempt to clean it) and then in a open air disco down some side street in Agnabe, a small “beach town” on the north shore. No one but the people I had come on the trip with was there. They were playing little known European techno. I was both on the verge of crying “OH GOD GET ME OUT OF HERE” and knowing that there was no possible way to leave.

With the second fact in mind, I thought, hey there’s no one here and no one will awkardly attempt to dance with me. What would Liz and Annie Lamb do? And so, along with Sunny, Beth, Max and our Egyptian hosts, we started to dance, ridiculously if needed, but with as much energy as we could muster. And suddenly the music started getting better and of course I realized how amazing the fact was that we were dancing in an abandoned resort town on the coast of the Mediterrean.


And then, there’s a point in your life where its 5 a.m., and you’re drinking a chocolate milkshake in an McDonald’s in Alexandria. This was like much of my weekend. A lot of waiting around, a lot of mosquitos, but I learned more Egyptian Arabic than I ever did in my class (crazy = magnun, left=shamal, right =yimeen, etc. etc.) We had interesting conversations about Egyptian and American culture, some more serious than others. I heard more American rock than Arabic popular music (For some reason, they really liked Avril Lavirgne and Nickelback) and stood in the (rebuilt) Library of Alexandria, looking at very very old books, thinking about what was lost in the fire.

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  1. katie morris permalink
    September 11, 2006 9:09 pm

    silly taylor, eqyptians like CANADIAN music, not AMERICAN. there’s a difference. because canada is america’s hat, as i saw on a tshirt here in new hall.
    i love you and miss you muchly,

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