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Travel Plans

October 11, 2006

The tickets are booked, the slightly shady hostels are checked out. In 9 days, I and three of my Cairo Khan friends will be jetting off to Athens, Greece. We’ve got the plane tickets and the hostel booked for Friday and Saturday, but beyond that… nothing. We’re going to play it by ear. See if we want to go to an island, maybe move up a little north to see what’s around there. Whatever we feel like.

With a little research on the internet and a Lonely Planet guide, we’ll stay in Plaka (right next to the Acropolis) and see what happens. I’ve never planned a trip this way before, and I plan to pack light. It a bit exhilrating, that we can do whatever until the next Friday morning when we take a plane back from Athens to Cairo.

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  1. Shell & Kenny permalink
    October 11, 2006 11:57 am

    Have a great time and take lots of pictures! It should be beautiful there! Love, Auntie Shell & Uncle Kenny
    P.S. The week off from school after a month of classes is a little suspect but hey, what the hell! Ha ha! You only live once – glad you have the opportunity. I’m sure you can use a break from busy Cairo! Enjoy!

  2. Bill Wilson permalink
    October 12, 2006 4:48 pm

    Hey, Taylor!
    Your picture of Cairo is full of wit and local color. Makes (almost! LOL) me wish I was there. Actually, I’d rather be in London or Dublin.
    Anyway, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blogs. Keep them coming. If my life weren’t so pedestrian, I’d blog back atcha.
    My latest achievement is finishing the total “civilizing” of my yard. You’ll see it next Spring, assuming you make it out to WV to mix it up with the non-globe-hopping hoi poloi. I wonder what I’m going to do next Spring and summer? Maybe I’ll get serious about having a real lawn.
    Thankgiving the Tishues are coming to our house. We leave for Floriday Nov. 29, with a two-night stop in Auburn to visit grandkids. That should be interesting with me, Anne, Gus, Sadie, Miss Molly + Claire, Jon, their two daughters, a guinea pig, gerbil, dog, assorted turtles and fish.
    Lookin forward to your report on Greece.
    Ciao for now!

  3. October 27, 2006 11:00 am

    Hey, this is Kelly’s cousin Taylor… thanks for the comment on my mp3 blog!

    Athens is wonderful! I spent about a week there in June. If you’re in to ancient history, the archaeology museum in Athens is fascinating. The shopping is also fantastic. I stayed in a hotel on Apollonos street in the Plaka, and spent most of my days walking around the Plaka. There are great street markets there. Also, I forget which street it is, but off of one of the main streets in the Plaka, there are paths that lead up the hill that the acropolis is on, and they are cluttered with little restaurants with roof top restaurants, so you can eat at them and watch the sunset on the acropolis. If you go down to Piraeus port, there are daytrips to some of the nearby islands. I didn’t do any of them because I was going on a cruise, so I wanted to spend my time exploring Athens, but they looked like they would be pretty neat.

    Oh man. I love Athens. I miss it! The people there are so friendly and the food is wonderful. I have some pictures up from my trip online:
    if you scroll about halfway down, you’ll see the ones from Athens.

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