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Change of Plans

October 28, 2006

I got back from Greece on Friday morning, and am slowly moving back into normal school life and whatever could be interpreted as normal life in Egypt. But this is not that entry, and this is not the post about Greece.

Last Thursday, my official acceptance to King’s College in England came via email. I dance, I jumped, I generally went around my hotel telling anybody who would listen.

But then I read the fine print.

The English higher education system is not at all what I expected, and to make a long story short about English class modules and what I need to complete for my major and my minor and my life for the next year and a half, I can’t go to England for Study Abroad. My spring 2007 semester will be back in DC.

As my parents can attest through two particularly harrowing Skype calls, I am pretty bummed. The blog title doesn’t even fit anymore. But it makes sense academically, and I can geninuely say that I am going back to a place I love.

I knew the answer last Friday, but it was officially confirmed mid-way through my Greek vacation (a testament to the country that it barely registered on my mental radar), and slowly, every so slowly, I am actually relieved.

Life happens when you’re making plans. It’s a horrible cliche, but its true, and if things always went the way we expected, well, that be pretty boring. Yes, I’m upset. Yes, I’m disappointed. But I now have a reasonable time to recover from culture shock and get ready for the next semester, and more time to think about my plans for summer, senior year and the scary scary time after college that is just now appearing in the distant view. I also have some awesome spring break plans in the works.

It’s sort of ironic that now that one plan is broken, I go looking for new ones. They may not work out. But its better than crying my eyes out when I’m still in Egypt, surrounded by a truely amazing experience.

The report on Greece… soon.

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  1. julie permalink
    October 29, 2006 2:55 pm

    sorry about the uk, tay. BUT a)you have to visit in europe sometime necxt semester b)you’ll get to celebrate your own and liz’s 21st in DC! and c)you’ll finally get to take victorian lit, haha 🙂

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