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Nerd visits library on Saturday, everyone else there too

February 3, 2007

Down the Gelman Stairs

When I headed off to Gelman, the main library here on campus, I’d hoped to get a shot of the always comfortable and very studious looking 6th floor. Being Saturday, and nearly 5 o’clock, I was sure the library would be ghost town-esque. Except I got off the elevator, looked through the glass doors of the 6th floor stacks/study area and found the place to be almost as busy as finals time. What was going on? Fortunately, instead of taking pictures for two hours, I got some reading done, and decided instead to take a shot of the staircase, which can’t hide the time period the library was built in (70s). This is from the 3rd floor (6th floor shot proved too blurry) and is taken with one hand. Lack of steadiness can be attributed to ample amounts of coffee and fear of new camera toppling downward.

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