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The Negation of a Title

March 24, 2007

Hmm, the national institutes of health tells me that as a person prone to sinus infections, I should avoid alcohol and air travel.


Yes, I’m sick again and for those who have happened to run by my path during one of these at least once a semester periods, you know how miserable I and those immediately around me are. My sinus get blocked, so the gross stuff drips down my throat instead of out my nose, therefore congestion, therefore cough, therefore hack hack and then bronchitis.

I’ve started taking this no less serious than fighting a battle. My current theater of operations is the nose, which according to the containment theory, should prevent communism any more phelgm from getting into my lungs. I’ve orange juice, repeated steamings, homeopathic zinc lozenges and pharmecutical Advil waging war, but those germs are tough. They’re waiting for the real fight, the inevitable short-course antibiotics Student Health is sure to throw at me. Give up now germs, its better for you to go quietly.

This ridiculous extended metaphor also serves to lessen the blow of this annoucement: As of Friday, I can no longer call myself an English and Creative Writing major. Cue me picking up where I left off…

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