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Open Letter to 10-year-old girl I almost ran over on the Metro

April 6, 2007

Dear Washington residents, erstwhile tourists, and international business execs lost on their way to their Jaguar,

As a missed my orange line train coming back from work by mere seconds because of a particularly recalcitrant 10 year old lodged in the far side of the escalator, I wondered why Metro doesn’t have some sort of awareness campaign for the escalator rule of thumb. A little research tells me that, officially the rule does not exist. WMATA doesn’t actually want anyone to walk up or down the escalators. So does this mean I can’t yell at the Tourist family when little Billy is the only thing left impeding my clear path for the last blue line train in 10 minutes? Not that I don’t understand why the Metro would be confusing to those used to vehicular transport, I got lost on it once myself, but in terms of the sheer number of people moving through stations like Metro Center everyday, I think those nicel, but firmly ask “Excuse me” are in the right.


I wasn’t in a rush anyway

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  1. katie permalink
    April 9, 2007 4:51 pm

    actually love bug, last semester there was a campaign on the metro signs where they made up terms that sounded like real words put together (like commiseaterate: v. to feel bad for the elderly and disabled who need you to give up your seat to them…i clearly made this one up but there were about five and they were so bad i don’t remember them) and one of them involved the escalator rule. which is odd if they don’t condone it. but clearly no one listened, and if you’re a tourist you wouldn’t be able to call upon those random bad advertisements from five months ago, anyways. enjoy a clean metro!!
    much love.

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