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“That was the best promo you’ve ever written”

November 7, 2007

As I head out to my playwriting class, this fan of television and its scripted show would like to talk about the WGA Strike.

I’m currently in end of the semester head down don’t dare you turn on that TV, the only way I’m being affected immediately is no Daily Show to turn to mid-studying at 11p.m. But that hardly matters.

The WGA strike, as I understand it, comes down to residuals being paid to writers when their show reairs. With the advent of online streaming, writers are not getting paid for those residuals based on the idea that all online streaming is “promotion”. Even full episodes.

When the TV (the physical thing, not the concept) goes the way of the VHS (available, but wildly unpopular based on better technology) any physical tv re-run residual will go away. It makes sense that the WGA is striking now, before the inevitable convergance of computer/internet/TV, so they don’t get stuck with less than nothing again.

Or, the writers of “The Office” explain this better (and funnier) than I do:


Your Kid Supports the Strike 

Worst comes to worst, I won’t feel any guilt about missing “The Hills: Electric Bugaloo in L.A.” once again.

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