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Bonus points: Pronouncing the Arrakeen words correctly

August 28, 2008

After dipping into a few graphic novels, I’m back to novel-size reading. For Dune, if you can glide over the world-specific references before they become clear in context (also helpful in my edition, a glossary), it becomes clear why this is a classic.

It’s a story. A gods-honest, no-apologizes, fast-paced story. The prose isn’t life-changing, but I’m turning those pages as quickly as I can. It draws you in. I want to learn more about Duke Leto and his relationship with the emperor. I want to see what’s next for Paul Atredies. I want to see the sandworms, damnit.

Also, the barely concealed metaphor for oil/Middle East plus its heavy borrowing from/reworking of Arabic words is a huge plus for yours truely. I’m being entertained and reviewing my Arabic vocab at the same time.

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