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Land of Suits and Lanyards

September 18, 2008

Let’s get something straight. I’m not a fashionable person – I look nice most of the time, I wear standard things and solid colors. Every time I am complimented on my outfit, it is invariably something my mom, the master shopper of Connecticut, has picked out. The moment where Meryl Streep’s character dresses down (literally) Anna Hathaway’s character as to why even making no fashion choice is a fashion choice in The Devil Wears Prada was mind blowing to me.

I do enjoy, however, a great genre of street-style blogs. The uncrowned king of them all is The Sartorialist, and it seems that every city has its own version. But when the Washington Post launched Fashion Washington, I was stumped. With its thousands of government employees and lawyers, it’s certainly not a city known for style, or more accurately, taking fashion risks.

Why doesn’t Washington have a street style blog? Or am I missing it? An initial search lead me to this message board and The President Wears Prada. The first is not a blog, and not extremely well done. The second is more general style (of all sorts, not just clothing) commentary.

Am I missing some great blog? Would it be pointless for someone to go scour downtown for examples of innovative fashions?

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