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Challenge Accepted, Challenged Recieved

October 27, 2008

Good friend, and fellow randomosity blogger Chris at Feeling is All, posted this blog meme-esque challenge:

Go home right now (unless you are already at home or can’t leave from where you are due to Zombie attack), and pull out the ol’ camera (not too old, it needs to be digital).  Take a picture of your library (whatever that means to you).  Now post those pictures on the intarwebs and send me the link.

This is more of my “bookcase” than library, and fortunately, there’s enough to talk about:

First, a context shot. Stuck between my bed and a pile of clothing, my bookshelf is now at maximum capacity. On the left, you can see my 5 Egyptian pound Ahly Club football banner, and at the top, my ironic Barbie holding up a set of books.

But what’s actually contained in this bookshelf?

Stephen King’s On Writing is right next to Chaucer’s Trolius and Crysede (modern english version, don’t shake your head at me Christopher). Orientalism, right next to Naguib Mafouz’s Miramar. 201 Arabic Verbs. Paris Review Interviews, Selected James Joyce. Nietzche, Joan Didion, and of course, Henry Jenkins’ Textual Poachers.

Next row: MLA Handbook, the much more useful Elements of Style. Awesome former professor and writer Tayari Jones‘ Leaving Atlanta. Mantiq at-Tayr staring down Hegel. The Keep by Jennifer Egan (so, so amazing.) Favorite book to read and re-read: American Gods by Neil Gaiman. No Plot! No Problem! the Manual for NaNoWriMo. ( I got that one when I interviewed the founder, Chris Baty for a class project). At the end there, next to The Romance of the Rose (hahahaha. hahaha, oh English major) is Cairo, a graphic novel by G. Willow Wilson, that I quite happily bought myself as a graduation gift.

Last row: A great collection of 16th century travel literature, bought in Oxford? Cambridge? that fell into my possession by default. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, which I’m fairly sure was transported to the 21st century by time machine and only then published. The complete Hitchhikers, bounded in the literary classics edition, complete with page marker and gold leaf edges. Under the Volcano (again, oh English major.) West Wing scripts, season 3 and 4 (marathon today!). Cantebury Tales (in middle English, Christopher). The Elegant Universe. My third edition (published, 1954) of A Long Day’s Journey into Night.

And of course, Harry Potter. I think that’s the 6th one.

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