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Blogmo Day 4: Rolling with the Punches

December 4, 2008

Alas, I had a plan for blogging today, and it fell apart. But listening to Pandora while doing work, I typed in “Beatles”. About three songs into Pandora’s Beatles station, I got to a song that, despite not having gone through the entire Anthology, I knew couldn’t be a Beatles song. Maybe it was something I’d stumbled upon at Hype Machine? It certainly sounded indie enough.

Wrong. Thank you, wonders of YouTube:

The Zombies were a Brit-pop group, active from 1961 to 1968, and now they do reunion tours. Imagine the Zombies as the non-Beatles: innovative at their time, strangely familiar to me now because their style was what would become classic rock. I’m listening to their MySpace page (Paul McCartney, your move) and “Time of the Season” comes up and my mind is BLOWN. I had just assumed that was a Beatles song.

Now I have go apologize to my dad for being so behind on my rock knowledge.

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