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Blogmo Day 13: In the internet, makin’ some money

December 13, 2008

I dislike ads. I understand why we have them, economically, but I don’t have to like them (unless they are amusing Super Bowl commericials). The only thing I  dislike more is ads pretending not to be ads. If you’re going to sell me something, just sell me something. I hate product placement in my television shows, even the smirking kind (I’m looking at you 30 Rock), which is why I’m so eye-rolly over Facebook people enjoying adding brands and products as “friends” on Facebook. Which I why I enjoyed this otherwise droll article about the failure of advertising on social network sites:

Brand pages won’t make anyone uncomfortable about privacy issues. But one has to have a compelling reason to seek out these pages. The P.& G. spokeswoman pointed me to its “2X Ultra Tide” page. Here one finds an 11-month-old campaign, “American’s Favorite Stains,” where members can post their “favorite places to enjoy stain-making moments!” When I checked last week, it displayed a grand total of just 18 submissions, including two from P.& G., two from someone at The Onion and one-word posts like “Tidealicious!

Ugh, at least The Onion makes good use of this ridiculousness.

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