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Blogmo Day 15: Breaking news from over a century ago!

December 15, 2008

In a sheer random moment of my day, upon researching something completely different, I found this archived article from the NYT, circa 1870,

…which rounds up duplicate voter registrations supposedly done expressly for fraud purposes. And then posts the address and their last names. “Watch Them!” the headline declares. Not one to be left without a process story, in addition to the extensive list of names, the author includes this detail

“The United States authorities are using the most strenous exertions in the detection of these frauds, and in order to facilitate the work, have rented rooms on Broadway, near Twenty-second street, where the supervisors of election are at work, night and day.”

Voter fraud. Not just for 21st century political elections anymore. That’s not shocking. What is (to my “modern” understanding of privacy is the wholesale printing of information that might, uh, be a little sensitive. Where the fraud monitors are working? I guess expectation of privacy is a little newer (or just more stauchly defended) than I thought.

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