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Inaugalypse, or Barackstock ’09

January 13, 2009

They’re heeeeere.

Barack Obama and Adrian Fenty by KCIvey, on Flickr

We’re at t-minus one week in the District for the Inauguration to end all inaugurations. I will officially give up on getting anywhere in the city without hours of preparation on Friday, but today, traveling up the Red Line, I saw a young man with a hiker’s backpack. Clothespinned to the back was a 8 by 10 poster of Obama.

The Examiner reports that people are already streaming in, although most of interviews seem to be for people who were showing up for special programs regardless.

What are my inauguration plans? The night of too many stars at Lincoln Memorial for sure. On the big day, I think I’ll head over from a friends’ house early on and then duck into a Smithsonian for cover during the mass exodus away from the mall.

It will take strategy, cunning, and probably small quantities of alcohol – but I can’t imagine not being there.

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  1. January 14, 2009 10:26 am

    According to the Examiner, people are going to be camping for this, are they insane?

    I see a future request to word fugatives: I need a word to describe the things that people are willing to do to be close to a famous person or large event even when they will not be invited to actual events or meet the people they want to pester. I’m describing stalking because their is no chance or hope of actual interaction.

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