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Me, myself, my RSS reader

February 6, 2009

One the things I’m trying to decide as I update this blog is whether or not to expand the blogroll (found under such headings as “Fellow Travelers” (personal blogs of friends) and “Pop and Other Culture” (does what it says on the tin). On one hand, linking to other blogs is not only good for keeping up with my own reading, but encourages the great linking fest that creates the web in the first place.

On other hand, I don’t want to link to places that might be tangentially be related to this blog (do you see a guiding theme anywhere around here?) for technorati-funsies, and I rarely use the sidebar for keeping up. My fairly healthy RSS choices have to be continuously pruned to prevent my trigger happy “READ ALL IT” impulse. So what I link here implies a connection, even tenuous at best, to whom and what we all want to talk about.

While muckraking, quality snark and good honest criticism is something I can’t get enough of, I’m also quite tired of the straight up meanness of quick web response. I have to agree with Paul Carr here (h/t Merlin):

What we read on the web is shaped almost entirely by what our friends recommend to us or what other people have decided is popular. And because what’s popular is meanness, that almost all that we read – page after page of cynicism, meanness, ranting and rage. Don’t believe me? My negative Second Life column attracted 42 comments. My bitchy Le Web one, 28. Last week, by contrast, I wrote about how inspired I was by Barack Obama’s inauguration. Number of comments: none.

Excellent point. This could be a human nature question, but it could also be a higher standard to hold yourself to. Except…

Fifth – and this one isn’t a suggestion. If you’ve ever considered spitting on someone because you don’t like something they’ve said online, kill yourself. Seriously. Do it now. The world will be a better place without you.

Maybe not then. Sigh.

Therefore, I shall be adding intriguing, snark -but-not-without-reason, and possibly danceable internet stuff I like to read. Perhaps you’d like to as well – I wouldn’t go so far as to assume.

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  1. February 6, 2009 6:27 pm

    *looks for theme*

    nope, i guess not

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