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Spice Melange: Dill

February 18, 2009

As the 1 percent milk is evaporating off the scrambled eggs I’m making, I realize the reason that the dill weed swirling around in the egg and milk mixture is so comforting to me, the very newbie cook: It looks like grass. Well-fertilized, mid-of-summer, tumbling through the sprinkler on a 90 degree day grass.

Baby Dill by <a href=

Baby Dill by Briannaorg on Flickr

It reminds me that as much as they are dried and boxed and labeled, herbs are plants, subject to the same photosynthesis and dirt that any other plant would – the oak tree, the poison ivy, and the chemically verdant suburban lawn. The flavor even reminds me a little of ill-conceived attempts to chew on grass as a little kid, except dill is more crisp than Miracle-Gro.

I’ve tried mixing it in with eggs (good, but makes me burp), in pre-made dips – I once finished an entire tub of tzatiki before I could stop myself, and the occasional soup in a restaurant, but I can’t put my finger on what it tastes like by itself.

(any one who gets the reference in the title wins an internet. Please collect in the comments.)

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  1. briannaorg permalink
    February 18, 2009 6:01 pm

    Oh yum – tzatziki is my favourite (and why I planted dill on my windowsill – I love it with chickpeas and lemon as well). I’m thrilled you liked the photo!

  2. February 18, 2009 7:12 pm

    I win an internet!

    I will name it “Dwight.”

  3. February 18, 2009 7:36 pm

    I love this post. You should just eat some fresh dill – I do it all the time. Speaking of which, dried herbs are not nearly as good as fresh…just saying.


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